Holiday wear for Holiday Queers for

Holiday wear for Holiday Queers

Oh what is a queer to do? The Holidays are quickly approaching which means party on top of party, dinner on top of dinner… and more importantly the dreaded exercise of dressing up! Ugh


Never fear! With all of new clothing companies popping up specifically for those of us who do not fit into traditional gender roles, dressing has become easier than ever. Most clothing lines are also updating their silhouettes to reflect a more modern aesthetic so it’s becoming simpler than ever to look and feel great at that Holiday party.effort lez

For those queer women that fall more on the masculine side of the spectrum, dressing for that formal event can be daunting. Mixing masculine or “men’s clothing” pieces (blazers, shirts, ties) with “women’s clothing” pieces- (pants, shoes, accessories) is the best way to ensure the perfect fit. If you have a curvier figure choose “women’s clothing” pieces for these parts of your body as traditional “men’s clothing” tends to be more boxy and rectangular. Luckily the line between what has traditionally been known as “men’s clothing” and “women’s clothing” is blurring and giving way to a more androgynous aesthetic. It also helps that the ‘tomboy’ look is really in right now!

Those of us somewhere in between on the spectrum get to have the most fun! Mix and match “men’s clothing”, “women’s clothing”, “unisex” and androgynous pieces with abandon! The fun of being without label is that there is no need to limit yourself. Be unhindered and make bold moves. Add a bright colour to an otherwise monochromatic look. Increase the drama with pieces like tie clips, cuffs and gloves.

And for those fierce femmes… we’re not going to pretend that we have it easy either! How does one stay true to their femme look while also asserting their LGBTQ identity? It is definitely a challenge, but it can be a whole lot of fun. Don that super tight sequin number and up to there heels while stacking tonnes of bangles on your arms or put on that gorgeous loose shift to give you more space for the Tofurkey and pair it with dainty  jewels and combat boots. The most important thing you can wear is confidence so make sure to slather it on before you step out.

Remember, the fun of our ‘alternative’ identities is: There are no rules… other than the golden one: Be yourself!

Some brands to check out…

Wildfang has a great gift guide with some excellent pieces to add to your Holiday collection Wildfang

SJW has dapper Holiday dressing on fleek! They are a clothing line that designs “womenswear” with a classic “menswear” tailoring:SJW

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