New Spring Wardrobe… In Your Very Own Closet?! for EFFORT-LEZ.COM

Spring is on its way and so is that “I have absolutely nothing to wear feeling”. Does it somehow feel that since the beginning of winter your closet has expanded but also shrunk? Do you feel like you physically have no room left yet can’t find a single thing to put on? Feel like you want to throw every single item in your closet away and just start over? Well, I am about to save your life AND bank account… it’s time to learn how to shop your own closet!


At this point your probably have a closet stuffed to capacity with heavy sweaters, jackets, coats and layering pieces. If the weather is getting warmer where you are start packing u your heavier pieces to make some space.

Go through all of your items, if there are any pieces you have not touched in over a year and a half get rid of them! Have anything that does not fit you anymore? Get rid of it! Still hanging on to your exes tee that kind of sort of smells like them? Give that ish back or give it away! Be ruthless! If there are items that have true sentimental value, by all means hold on to them. Treat them like art pieces, but limit yourself to a maximum of 3. Selling the clothing you no longer need is a great way to get some extra cash in your pocket. Use social media like Facebook or Snapchat to sell them or take them to vintage or consignment stores in your neighbourhood. You can also donate them to  your local thrift or charity shop.

Now that you’ve got some extra space organize your closet with

  1. Tops in order of sleeve length
  2. Layers- jackets, sweaters and cover ups kept together
  3. Place your bottoms together be colour

By now you should be able to really see what you have and have a much easier time picking items out. Take a good look at your inventory. Start putting looks together than you’ve never worn. Take a look at magazines, Pinterest, Instagram blogs like and street style for inspiration. Start simple with copying looks you’ve already seen then add your own flair. At this point, hiring a personal stylist might be the way to go for you but make sure you start on your own and save yourself time and money in the process.

For more tiny tips to make big changes to your wardrobe check out @ceesando on Twitter and “ceesando” on Snapchat!


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