Meet Hollywood Wardrobe Stylist: Cee Sando

Today we’d like to introduce you to Cee Sando.


cee, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I came to styling “accidentally”. My background is marketing- corporate marketing to be specific. I never thought I would find myself with a career in fashion. At one point in my marketing career, I found myself with a surprising number of entertainment, lifestyle and fashion clients. One particular client designed haute couture gowns and was dressing a number of Golden Globes attendees. At an event before the awards show we met a number of the presenters who loved her dresses, but they already had dresses and accessories picked out through showrooms and brands.

I asked if they would wear my client’s gowns if I found them shows, jewelry and accessories to go with the gowns and they said absolutely yes! The event was in 2 days so I spent the entire day running around finding the items. I sourced over $40,000 worth of diamond jewelry plus found shoes and bags and as promised they wore the gowns when presenting the awards. When I presented all of the items one of the actresses commented that I “should be a stylist”. I laughed, having no idea what a stylist was. I spent the next month researching the profession I did not know existed and the following years taking courses, apprenticing and assisting as much as I possibly could. A decade later I am proud to call myself a successful wardrobe stylist!

Has it been a smooth road?
The road to true love never did run smooth. I had no connections, no background and no idea where to start when I decided that this is what I wanted to do and every step of the way I have simply figured it out as I went along. I have always used the struggles and setbacks to propel myself forward. When I first started out “wardrobe styling” was not something that was offered in colleges so I created my own curriculum and sought out the teachers I wanted- legendary industry players. I found those with successful styling careers and modeled my own after them.

What role has luck had in your life and career?
There is no such thing as look! We create our own opportunities… it is all about what you do with the hand you are dealt.

Do you feel like there are certain traits that increase the likelihood of success?
Persistence! When I decided what it is I wanted to do, I did not allow anything to stop me from pursuing my goals. Remembering that every “misstep” and “failure” helped lead me to success was key.

Tell us about your favorite and least favorites things about our city.
Best: Weather, beaches, Mexican food, sushi, intense dog-love, obsession with health, the incredible number of art galleries
Worst: Traffic! Hands down lol

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