I have been receiving a lot of inquiries recently from those who have never used a social media professional before. While I generally only work with clients longterm, I do realize how helpful it can be for those managing their own social media to get a short-term boost or to just try out social media consultation for the first time. As my Holiday gift to you, I’m offering your choice of these super exclusive specials…

the frosty– a quick & dirty consultation before it melts!
this 30-minute social-media consult session is your chance to ask any questions you have about social media. Whether you are looking for advice on how to increase engagement or want to know whether it’s better to use Tweetdeck or Hootesuite… no social media questions is off limits. A full 30 minutes for just $33 (must purchase and use before frosty melts on Dec 25, 2017, limit of 1 per client)


rudolph’s red nose– helping you navigate through the social media storm
a full social media training crash course covering twitter, instagram and facebook including how to get more followers, drive engagement and gain customers via social media (approx 3 hours) for JUST $333 (must purchase before Dec 25, 2017, limit of 1 per client)


the nutcracker– helping you crack the tough nut that is social media
set-up, management and monitoring of a new twitter, instagram or facebook account for 15 days for only $333 (must purchase before Dec 25, 2017, limit of 1 per client)

Contact me NOW to book!


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