Qwear: Chef Carter Serves up Delicious Style

Happy Black History Month everybody!! During this 28 day period, we are celebrating Black Excellence with pieces by and about Black people. We are excited to kick off our programing with an interview by Cee Sando with Chef Carter.

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By Guest Writer Cee Sando

I have been a fan of Chef Maria Carter’s fashion sense from the moment I saw her. We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party and in a sea of well dressed “cool kids” she immediately caught my eye. It was a casual pool party so I hadn’t put much thought into what I was wearing, but as soon as I caught sight of Maria in her multi-colored patterned fit that somehow matched her sports bra and trunks perfectly, I suddenly felt completely underdressed.


My admiration grew when I learned she was a chef. And admiration turned to awe when I finally sampled one of her creations. The way Chef Carter approaches food is the same way an artist approaches a canvas. As someone used to cooking for themselves and creating simple straight-forward meals, from the first taste of her cooking, food was suddenly reintroduced to me as an art form. I am allergic to nuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and gluten, plus have a plant-based diet… so the fact that she was able to not only create something I could eat, but a delicious meal with a phenomenal presentation is no easy feat!

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I have yet to encounter anyone else who expresses masculinity and femininity concurrently with such finesse. Or anyone with more passion for creepers. Or anyone who can pull off floral print paired with cannabis leaf print so delicately. But instead of me waxing poetic about Chef Carter’s style choices, I’ll let you hear it from the source…

So Chef Carter, why food?

Food makes people happy. When people eat something that tastes good, that’s good for them their spirit changes. I enjoy seeing people’s reactions to the food I make and of course getting compliments…

Read the full article at qwearfashion.com.



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