FREE social media services for the movement

as a contribution to the movement, i am proudly offering social media consultation FREE of charge for black individuals and black-led organizations working on the liberation front.

this includes organizers and everyone supporting those working on the front lines to liberate us- fundraisers, writers, counselors, healers, and people creating protest art. if you are using your tools and skills to fight, this includes you.

let me help you harness the digital landscape to reach your goals. looking to use ig, fb, twitter, tiktok, and/or youtube to get your message out to a wider audience? looking to maximize your email marketing efforts to raise money for bail funds? want to create a marketing campaign for your online petition? i got you! full list of offerings can be found here.

if you or your organization are interested please email

* non-black POC and white allies are welcome to contribute to offset the costs for these services. consultation services are $75/hour with most sessions lasting 2.5 hours.
venmo @ceesando

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